A football soccer extravaganza between two teams Christiana and Indiana
the most renowned cricket clubs of the great holy land of Crapos – the Mucca of football.

The match is power-packed. The atmosphere is absolutely electrifying.
It all happens here. Sledging. The tensed pushes of the body.
The crowd is also too much into it.
The verbal volleys and the ‘BOO’s given by one team’s supporters to the others.
It’s just all happening.
Every infiltration into the opposition’s goal penalty area creates a deafening side,
with the crowds onto their feet.
Every kick and miss towards the goal net creating dead silence.

Indiana wins at last at the moment of death through the topsy turvy proceedings of the match.
In the process, finally, the Indianas have broken the extra-ordinary power and swiftness of the Christianas by winning
through a holy and silent devastating kick by one of its great midfielders Oka.
The kick that produced a ball that swang just before the wrong confirmation/anticipation
of the opposition goalkeeper; deflecting through the air dynamised the goal nets and
swang up all the people with joy to be cherished and nurtured forever.

That’s why it’s well-said :

a sport-ing event can swing the moods and emotion of a nation’.

– Prabeen Kumar Pati

1 thought on “SWING Of The BALL – The DEFLECTION Through The AIR”

  1. Originally penned in July2004 by Prabeen Kumar Pati, that’s me.
    Presented at TCS in 2007 and as titled and published as “SWIRL of the FOOTBALL” for me. Thanks to Yaaqub for the change in title and the edit.


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