The Indian Tradition – Observations part 0.x1 – ‘After Death’ Rituals

When somebody dies, or departs, more to say, as per the tradition, the ‘After Death’ rituals happen for the departed body, being specific, in India.
Observing the Hindu rituals, one observation came to my mind.
In eastern, northern, western parts of India, I have experienced the normal ‘Ram naam Satya hai…’ procession with people sad and sorrowful for the departed human being – say the departed soul or body!
But in South, I have observed, the rituals during the procession are very different. Being even specific to Bengaluru, I have observed that some kind of celebrations music, if not, faster music, definitely not the slow soothing music, are played out with people involved in the procession if not sad, are joyful! The same I have observed in the Muslim scenario.
Why is it so different? Is it they are happy that the body and soul both got freed (moksha or some) from the pains of the world of the living ones?!

Note: It’s just an observation. I have full respect and space for all. I have and mean no offence nor any negative intent of any sort of that at all for any religion, community, area, locality, persons, custom, tradition, rituals etc.

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