GOD and My Honest Truth

“GOD and My Honest Truth” (part mht.g.01)
GOD is omniscient and omnipresent. The almighty has been present with and in me through out. His divine experience is the bliss, the inner peace. And I am not hesitating now to share my moment of the life and all.

Last time a few years back when I had visited the Puri Shree Jagannaatha Temple for the darshan, I encountered with what has been so unmatchable, important and priceless in my life.
As I had the darshan of Lord Jagannaatha Swamy, I offered Pranaama. And as soon as I finished my prayer, I opened my eyes and saw so bright and black with Chandana (Sandalwood) painted on the arms approaching me. But it was so shiny black that I couldn’t focus on and evaded away by turning my head towards the side. I could feel He passing by me so close. But immediately, I realized and tried to follow but none such around me. I was with my brother. And the surrounding suggested nobody including my brother saw or experienced as I did! But I know it was not an illusion in any sense, nor any sort of craziness at all. It happened all so quickly. I know the one I experienced was not a bhaara-baalaa (the designated persons carrying maha-prasada) as they don’t pass ever in that route. And the site was not like that I would have lost Him! So I have been sure and true in this experience of my life and the best moment as eternity. But I wondered after that day on why I turned my eyes away. Yes, it was very shiny black and He was very close to me that naturally the reflexion happened. Even in my remote thought, was it because may be I would have somewhere remote in the mind subconsciously the black-white or goraa-kaalaa thing; but I know I don’t have this mindset at all. Any way, I said to GOD and myself, I would not return to darshan Him in Puri ever until I realise my inner peace.
I didn’t share the unforgettable divine moment and entire experience with any body else until last year with a close one to me who had predicted many years back through astrology exactly how many years I will live and what man I was/am/destined in the life (yes, those predictions remain true even now; I have got myself out even in the most dangerous incidents little hurt or none!)

And the promise kept up itself until this time. Even I didn’t have the promise in my mind consciously. After that last darshan, even sooner though I went home frequently relatively, some how or the other unknowingly, I didn’t make it to Puri nor did I make an attempt to have a darshan.
I wandered through my life as even strangest of incidents kept happening. Even I was not able to come home for some or the other reason. As I recalled all the events, moments, I ultimately realised what were the signals for, what were the missing links. And suddenly the unfixed started to happen positively. Even I started to and completed composing songs and poetry of my own after a long time. Even I suddenly got all tickets out of nowhere and this entire trip has happened so smoothly. I did the darshan most leisurely through out.

It is not all done or over as even more signals appeared and the journey continues and I will divulge the moments in subsequent chapter(s).
And yes, the divine experience is most honestly integrally true and I have not had any negative mindset of black-white, or illusion or sin. And the inner peace is so bliss and it continues in this world where we all live.

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati (this is not a fiction or any sort of that at all! It’s GOD, it’s Him and my honest truth.)

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