‘That Girl in the Yellow Boots’ the review

‘That Girl in the Yellow Boots’ the review:
Fantastic cinema with cinematography not surprisingly from Anuraag with crisp and clear acting from each character. Kalki you rock even in that differently difficult role in the contemporary movies genre!
The name is Ruth, she is in the quest of what to the opposite comes out to be the TRuth!
Two contrasting characters of the same (specially the parent-age) age seen in this cinema that ends as a very disturbing story!

3 thoughts on “‘That Girl in the Yellow Boots’ the review”

    1. The ‘TGYB’ movie is kind of a dark cinema relatively. But I didn’t know what the movie was all about until I saw it. Ya, the actress is bit off the mainstream; so may not be to everybody’s liking.

      Ra1! It’s a kids’ movie (video game) more or so as I can infer from the promos. I hv not watched it nor hv the plan beco’z it’s definitely not a good one to rush to a theatre! Only the action sequences with spl effects should be worth! Robot was the movie I liked very much. So u better watch Robot (released last year) than the recent Ra1. 🙂


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