Tuumm ko Yaad ho…

Terii Merii Merii Terii Kaahaanii
Tuumm ko yaad ho!
Yah jo Kaahaanii
lagey thodii puuraanii
Tuumm ko yaad ho!!
Chhotii chhotii baateyn
pall do pall
harr ek pall
Tumm ko yaad ho!!
Woh hasii woh khuushii
Tuumm ko yaad ho!!
Woh paas khaas aihsaas
Tuumm ko yaad ho!!
Chorii chorii Nazaren milaanaa
Tuumm ko yaad ho!!
Gaatii yah hawaayen
Gaatii harr fizaayen
Tuumm ko yaad ho!!
Harr fasaanaa,
Harr ek afsaanaa
Tuumm ko yaad ho!!
Harr baar yuun Milnaa,
Phirr yuun bichhadnaa
Tuumm ko yaad ho!!
Dill kii zuubaanii,
Mere dill kii bayaanii
Tuumm ko yaad ho!!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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