Rockstar – The Movie Review

Superb direction, screenplay and cinematography! It was a pleasant and worthy watch.
Ranbir Kapoor made the character his own. Nargis Fakhri a Beauty look wise; even though it’s kind of a foreign-language movie for her, but it’s visible and obvious that she is not up to the mark as far as acting (the most important part) is concerned.
Also, the greatest strength of the movie is that it’s not entirely monotonous, the beautiful songs – excellent meaningful some-translated lyrics with A.R. Rahman’s music flow are interlaced with the various time flash backs and projections, so one gets to watch kind of fusion all through; no chance of boredom or flatness. They have stuck to Mohit Chauhan’s fitting voice through out for Jordan, that’s now some consistency! Nadan parindey … song stands out!
Shammi Kapoor even in his short (and last in the life) appearance makes the character very true and alive.
Good lively punches make the dialogues even real. ‘… I love u…’, ‘Janglii Jawaanii’, ‘Tuutey hue dil se hii (achha aur sachchaa) sangiit nikaltaa hai’, ‘… aur tu yahaan samose khaa raha hai, chatni ke liye ladhaai kar raha hai…’ and lots more. The supporting cast is more than just supporting as expected.
Imtiaz Ali, you have again delivered it as expected! Your ventures are not just safe, but prudent investments for an investor!
Well, I can see some pattern in the stories Imtiaz has been dealing with; the lady-love always goes on to live with somebody else, but actually doesn’t or can’t, and ultimately the love-couple is united! (Only in Socha naa tha, it was the other way kind of!)This time there’s also an extra-marital affair and the lady-love is in the ICU and what happens next? I Cee U!?
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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