Chakaa Aakhi Sabu dekhuchi! Tryst with Indian Happy New Year 2017! #S3

Chakaa Aakhi Sabu dekhuchi! (rather not that sounding English translation: round eyes of Lord Jagannath observing it all!)
31 December 2016 address to the nation by #PM Narendra Modi::
A calm PM with a different speech delivery (tone n flow).
But I liked the Orientation / Stage-set for the PM as well.
Two eyes (chakras) (background, Tirangaa, giving a colorful impression for Lord Jagannath!), n nose (Satyameva Jayate emblem) (front), overall attire n set.
1. Mostly Cash n Demonetisation
2. theme: #SaShaktiKaran
3. #PradhaanMantriiAavaasYojanaa
4. #GoRural #BeHome: 4% discounted rate for loan up to 12 lakhs rupees
5. #CreditGuarantee for #SmallScaleIndustries
6. Promise(!)/ Provision of/for lower lending rates
7. #GarvvatiMahilaaYojana for pregnant women
8. #SeniorCitizensProgramme – consistent deposit rate for upto rupees 7.5lakhs deposit.
9. PM’s ask to the politicians and political parties to respect the Honest Citizens
10. And last but not the list gadaadhaarii #BHIM! 🙂 Dus! bhai Bas!
and if you wondered, #Modijii‘s pitch was lower than usual, and sober; he suddenly raises his pitch and tone and waves it out.
and #SatyaaGrah gyaan. #SampurnSaphaltaa kii Guarantee.
#SaadhanSansaadhan and #Saamarthya
(oops, Techies! not that AWS S3 cloud storage to store the themes and speech as object(s)!)
#NavVarsh2017 kii shubh-kaamnaayein. Jai Hind!
Jay Jagannath!
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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