ChaiOrCoffeePeCharchaa:: WhatTheNews 16.02.2018: What’sYourTake, Tech*!?

ChaiOrCoffeePeCharcha: 16.02.2018 / 02.16.2018

WhatATech! Beyond “Apps&Arch. Bugs. Code. Design.”

Plan & Discuss! Meet & do ChaiOrCoffeePeCharchaa… What’s Your Take!?


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  1. Where’s Fraud Detection & Prevention? PNB Bank Fraud of Billions by Nirav Deepak Modi (NDM) of Gitanjali Gems. FDI! First, focus on & execute FDP (Fraud Detection & Prevention)Fraud_DetectionPrevention.png
  2. Banking on Banks!

    Surname with “M” again! No Silence Please!

    The Jewel/Dmd/Gem that wasn’t! Bullion 2 Billions! &Flee!

    (Nirav meaning Silent.)  The Art of Fraud, Default & Fleeing!Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 12.41.16 PM


  3. Florida Shooting & the self-inflicted Gun Plague in the United States of America. Mental State & Depression! Turbulent Past! What about the ‘life-long’ trauma sustained the school students? Gun be banned in School premises & around. Gun Detector & Alarm required upon entry/exit.Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 4.40.33 PM.png
  4. Cauvery-Verdict (River Water Sharing) by the Supreme Court. Some respite for Karnataka & saviour for Bengaluru – currently 2nd in the list of Cities of the World endangered with most acute shortage of water and facing drought (as per UN-backed study & BBC). Some Ground reality as well. KA.TN.collage_Kaveri
  5. Walmart adds Flipkart to its Shopping Cart!

    When CheckOut!? Buy at Stake 40%!

    (C)art of Deals!Walmart_buy_some_Flipkart.png

  6. Pay to Pay What’s Up!?

    Wallets at War!

    Paytm flags reports WhatsApp.

    End 2 End! Msg! Decrypted E2E. No Spam Not! Admin!? P2P

    TradeMark style.Paytm_vs_WhatsApp_paymentUPI_regs


& of course Cricket. ANZ Series: NZ v AUS T20I record win for Australia. SA v IND 6th  & final Momentum ODI

~ Prabeen – the Thinking & Discussing Head

(Prabeen Kumar Pati)

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