Timezones: Theory of Time Relativity. Beyond TimeMachine.

IST: Hi! I’m from the Future. I declare today *American Independence* (*4thJuly*) ahead of its time. Timezone is beyond TimeMachine thing. Timepod. TimeSpot.

– UnitedTimeZones

Thank the East for making America Great Again, Mr. President of the United States. Wanna Trade!? Trumped!?

Theory of Time Relativity.


  1. Past could be the Present/Future of the other/s.
  2. Present could be Past or Future of other/s.
  3. Future could be Past or Present of some other/s.

Irony of Time Relativity.

Whatever mode or means you are travelling/moving is a Time Machine so to say then!?

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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