Unforgettable: VK Quak Quak Test OK

My name is VK & I remember everything:

Virat went to GOD of Cricket and prayed for
1. early rest (even though BCCI has already rested him for the next series)
2. Not getting (edging) out to Mr. Anderson.

GOD still asked him to reconsider as he would be the one to score 600 runs.
But Virat Kohli did a Virat NO.
GOD said Granted.
& Rest is history. A Duck. Quak Quak on the back of 593 runs.
Anushka meanwhile was weaving & stitching the English Sweater for her Keen CELEB HUSBAND using Sui Dhaagaa for their moments in & around England.


~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

#humour #ENGvIND 5th Test Match 4th Day 4th Innings 10/09/2018 #Cooked Story in the Unforgettable farewell & loving memory of Mr. First & Last Alastair Cook by the Captain of IND

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