Youth Is Here: Today Tonight Youth Day Youth Night

Keeping in view lots of youth (if still only a part of the massive youth population of India) participating in protests or voicing out in the night even especially Winter Chilling Cold Nights, the Energy is High. Awaken in true sense. No not entirely. Only assumption and understanding to their knowledge or environment. But seek the Truth All Must. Stay Alert.

The Best thing is that still positive energy vibe is their all around as no Chilling Cold related casualty or any mishap reported yet. Else other years some or other incidents. Students or Job holding Youth, Political Parties affiliated Youth mostly, and nobody is claiming to be jobless or complaining against other things including economy, other aspects implies there’s something positive overall happening all around. People talking about Constitution, singing National Anthem loud and clear mostly, holding the National Flag correctly mostly. Nation, World, Humanity thoughts. All are positive signs. Even Govt. Or Administration side I see the positive when I stated positive vibes all around. As no such drastic untoward violence or casualties has happened except stray matters and initial stone pelting by some misguided vested interests. (Only may the languages and wordings be more positive interns of some phrases or rhetoric used whatever side.)

This is the vibe of the Great Youth Icon Avataric Persona Maha Yogi Swami Vivekananda on whose honour and reverence The National Youth Day is observed.

I would call it Earth/World/Universal Youth Day.

Arise. Awake. Stop not till the Goal is reached.

While all that, Meditate, Know Yourself, and the Source. The Life.
And Sadhana. Samaadhi or like calmness.

May All be guided by the True Light and True Path. And not misguided.

Goal be True, Clear and Positive.

Swami Vivekanand 🙏
सबका विवेक जागृत हो और रहे
आनन्द ही आनन्द 😇
National Youth Day. World.

विश्व में सभीको आनन्द प्राप्त हो।


Let the Spirit of the Youth and Spiritual Youth be forever.

Youth is Here.


© Prabeen Kumar Pati प्रवीण कुमार पति

(Grammatical check not done or review)


Fact that considerable number People across ages and genders especially women old and young staying out awake & No #WinterChillingCold casualty / fatality or bad incident, is itself the Youth.
whatever Political opinions. This Time This year unlike past.
#WinterIsHere. #YouthIHere.)