FANI फनि चक्रवाती जीवन तूफ़ानी


क्या है तेरा परिचय?

क्या है तेरी पहचान

क्या है तेरी कहानी?

कहां से आए

कहां है जानि?

यह भयंकर है

चक्रवात वात्या

चक्रवाती तूफ़ानी

पुर्व तट अभिमानी

पृथ्वी धरा पृष्ठ

परीक्षा है

संकट, कष्ट

रचना है किसकी?

धरा की गौद में

खेलती नाचती

उन्माद मचाती

प्रक्रृति की प्रवृत्ति 

रूप कैसा अपरुप

प्रक्रृति का विकार

यह महा विपत्ति!

विकट परिस्थिति

महा विपदा में

सत् साहस और संघर्ष

ही है महा संजिवनी।

महाप्रभु जय जगन्नाथ

के पावन भूमि में

प्रभु से मिलन

पराकाष्ठा जीवन

प्रियतम से विनती


स्वयम् प्रकृति।

~ प्रबीण कुमार पति

© Prabeen Kumar Pati

© प्रबीण कुमार पति


बहुत अधिक हानि

लेकर आया है फनि


जीवन जावन को अति क्षय क्षति

लेकर आया है यह महा चक्रवाती

जैसे छोटा ताण्डव है

यह चक्रवात वात्या

प्राण जीवन जाते

तो भी ना कहलाती यह हत्या;

चक्रवात से बहुत अधिक हानि

लेकर आया है चक्रवाती फनि!

Bakr-id ईद अल-अधा


ईद अल-अधा
ना काटो कोई बकरा,
बकरी या जानवर
ना पूरा ना आधा!

जानवर = जिसमें हैं जान (जान+वर)

~ प्रवीण कुमार पति

Eid al-Adha
na kaato koii bakraa,
bakrii yaa jaanvar
na puraa naa aadhaa!

The Humanity-Id! Bear it! Yes that Identity. Say Yes to Life. Right to Life.
No Animal Slaughter/Sacrifice please. Slaughter/Killing not at All. Not Whole not even Half.

#Bakr_id #Eid_al_Adha

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 3.04.39 PM

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati
~ PSquare

Da 2G Code

Today is 21-12-2017. I see just 2’s across!

It’s not just mere coincidence! It cannot be! The stars are aligned! It’s the D-Day! 2D! OMG! I cannot wait!

Oh No! It’s #2G!

Presenting to my beloved readers: the #CodeOfTheCentury! #Mystery2Solve #CodeToDECODE:


mystery to solve… game ? The #2GScamVerdict by the #CBICourt.

Ae G Oh G, Lo G Suno #2G!


One Two ka Four, Four Two ka One


khodaa pahaad, niklii chuhiyaa

waalii baat ho gayii!

Nahiin Samjhe! Phir’se samajhaataa hun G!

Ae #2G Wo 2G!


A Raja, wo Raja!


ALL 17 accused including especially #ARaja & #AKanimozhi (#DMK) #ACQUITTED! So no #2A Scam if not #2G Scam!

Reason: want of #evidence! isiliye toh:

khodaa pahaad, niklii chuhiyaa…

Muhaabraa / Pravachan really befitting.

Or say to say in English the proverb:

Making a Mountain out of a mole-hill!


#CAG: 1.76 Lakh Crores Rupees loss #CBI: 30K Crores Rupees loss!

All gone for a toss!

So it’s #ZeroLOSS! What BOSS!?

No, not just yet…

As it happens in #INDIA, no, not one single high-profile VIP, oops VVIP / politician did any crime or scam or any wrong doing for that matter!


After all, each of them is a “Very Very Important Person” irrespective of the party or scam or crime or any thing!

There come the parties, RULING or OP hand in hand…

I just can see 3-lettered ones in the vision:



CBI.” sandwiched of course!

with last but not the least – the BJP!

As usual, “prosecution failed miserably to prove any charge (that filed in the chargesheet) (beyond reasonable doubt!”

as strongly worded by the Judge/Bench!

So only framing, no proving!

Next #HighCourt, if not #SupremeCourt…

I guess it all goes back to the #SC which in fact had legally pronounced a scam or a sense of huge (once in a century kind of) scam and loss to the country / exchequer!

FYI: The SC had ordered an SC monitored CBI probe and thorough investigation (after the CAG reports of the scam and loss and the ho hallaa thereafter).

Waiting for the SCAM DRAMA farce to unfold…


~ Prabeen Kumar Pati



jiske liye naa maein Tarsoon!
isse hii lekin sarii khuusiyaan.
Saavan/Vbarsaa aaye,
toh bhaa jaae,
lagey pyaaraa apnaa Ghar o Aangan!

And it feels to be like to be back home as soon..!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Zindagii. Talaash. Fursat se.

(Fursat se)
Zindagii ko kar rahaa thaa Talaash,
pataa chalaa
Zindagii hii kar rahii thii mujhe Talaash!

Fursat se jiske baare mein soch rahaa thaa,
(pataa lagaa)
usko hii kabhii Fursat naa mili…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Yaad – FariYaad!

Ghar se jab daer se nikaltaa huun,

toh unkii bahut YAAD aatii hai;


Humarii baat toh bas FariYAAD tak rah jaatii hai…

Humarii BAAT toh bas FariYAAD TAK rah JAATII hai…


~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


Kaaverii’ko LeKarr Duurii;

Kaaverii’kii Kamii Khaltii Rahii

Parr Kab hogii Kaaverii’kii Mannat Purii!?
Kis’kii hai Kaaverii?

Kaaverii Ne Toh Saagar’tak Karlii Apnii Safar Purii

Phir bhii rahii yah Safar Adhuri…


Huii naa Logon Ke Beech

Woh Duuri Kabhii Purii…


Kaaverii Kii Kahaani Adhuri…


~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


Ae Kashmir!

Bujhi ko Raakh kahte hain,

Jalan ko Aag kahte hain.

Safed pe chhint pad-jaaye

usey Daag kahte hain,

Jahaan khauf ya aatank ho (aae)

usey na-Paak kahte hain…

(Jiskaa KASHMIR hai,

Usko Bhaarat (India) kahte hain…

Kashmir Hindustan kaa hai

yah Haqiqat hai.)

issmein (Kashmir’mein) phoont daalne ya

isey barvaad karne kii koshiish ko

Zuurrat o Himaaqat kahte hain.

Aisaa koii Kaum nahiin,
Jo Khauf kii waqaalat karey,

Mahobbat ho,

Aman kii guzaarish o ibaadat ho,

Aman kii hi pahal ho.

Taraqqii kii guzaariish, koshiish, mohim (barqarraar) ho.

Khushyaalii ho.

Aman kaa hii Jashn ho.

Iraadein naek aur bulond ho,

bas kaushiish hi nahiin, amal bhi ho.


kisikii  behkaawe mein aaye toh

usey bewaqoofi yaa bagaawat kahte hain,

Jahaan Aman o Shaanti ho

usey hii toh JANNAT kahte hain…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Bahaaron Kii Malikaa Ho Tumm… (Original First. Prabeen)

Here’s the Original First take of BahaaronKiiMalikaaHoTumm.

My Original all-round composition. As-Is. Preview / Raw / Draft / Beta version.
I composed/shot this song in 2012 on the fly as it all came to my mind and heart.

” Bahaaron’kii Malikaa ho tumm,
Kkhayaalon’kii Malika ho tumm,
Bhiigey Bhiigey se hain Honth tere,
Bhiigii bhiigii sii hai yah zindegaanii…

Bahaaron’kii Malika ho tumm,
Kkhayaalon’kii Malika ho tumm,
Bhiigie Bhiigie se hain Aankh terii,
Bhiigii bhiigii sii hai yah zindegaanii…

Kkhusiyon’kii Saugaat ho tumm,
Pyaar’kii Barsaat ho tumm,
Bhiigey Bhiigey sii hai Baatein terii,
Bhiigey Bhiigey Sho’ Baatein terii,
Bhiigii bhiggii sii hai yah zindegaanii…

Honthon’kii Pankhdiyaan ho tumm,
Gulaabon’kii Pankhdii ho tumm,
Bhiigey Bhiigey se hain Honth tere,
Bhiigii bhiigii sii hai yah zindegaanii…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati ”


The Kashmir Floods 2014 – the real J&K!

#KashmirFloods the real J (Jannat / notion of Paradise) and K (Catastrophe) of #nature / #TheHimalayas .
Yah Kashmir hai (Kitnii Khhuubsuurat hai… the famous bollywood Hindii movie Bemisaal song)… yaa hai Khudaa kaa Qahar!
Kashmir Valley may not be seen/interpreted as before!?
only the perception of the humans – so what’s the fight for?

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati