Love. Evolve.

Complement Each Other.
Complete Each Other.
Self: Within/Soul/Life & Way Of Life.
+ve. -ve.

When two are in Love that’s what it does. It evolves the two. Knowing each other so well.

© Prabeen Kumar Pati

Love Thou, Love Thy Intestines

Happy Valentine’s!
First Keep Healthy Intestines.
Love You. Love Thy Intestines.
Like Love, immaterial is Large or Small.

Happy #Valentine’s!
First Keep #Healthy #Intestines.

Like Love, immaterial is Large or Small.
Intestines Fit है तो
Heart भी fit.
Love Super Duper Hit.
Health is Wealth. Love Your Health.
Jan Feb गण हित में जारी 🙏

Love You. Love Thy Intestines.

© Prabeen Kumar Pati

Say Yes to Wife Say Yes to Life

This Lively Lovely Day!
This Lovely Lively Day:
Say Yes to (Your) Wife,
Say Yes to (Your) Life.

This Valentine’s Day

Y2Y #PSquare #FoodForThought

Say Yes To Wife,

Say Yes To Life

© Prabeen Kumar Pati

Delhi इलेक्शन Campaign Slow Gaan Slogan

What about Delhi #Election Campaign? Any Party?

Delhi इलेक्शन Campaign नारा Slow Gaan Slogan ऐसा हो तो!?

“दिल्ली हम को हारनी है, केजरीवाल को लानी है”
“जितना भी करो बवाल, अब की बार केजरीवाल”
“मोदी शाह पर उठाओ सवाल, पर वोट अरविंद केजरीवाल”

“बटन तो उँगली से दवानी है, उसके लिए तो हाथ होनी है”
“Voting in Progress, Vote For Congress”

“गंदा धंदा नहीं चलेगा, इकॉनमी में मंदी नहीं चलेगा”

“नोट हमेशा check कर, वोट दो check कर”

“इलेक्शन बन जाता है नौटंकी, सरकार बने किसी की”

Deja Vu: “Elections में DJ भी, सरकार हो BJP”
“केंद्र ही तो दिल है, सेंटर ही तो दिल्ली है”
“दिल में जो है, ज़ुबान पे भी वो हो, केंद्र में जो सरकार हो, दिल्ली में भी वो ही सरकार हो।”
“वोट कभी भी, पार्टी बीजेपी”
“दिल्ली को क्या दरकार? मोदी-शाह वाला सरकार।”

~ पी॰पी॰

© कवि प्रवीण कुमार पति

© Prabeen Kumar Pati

दिखे सूर्यास्त, पर ना परास्त

“डूबता सूरज
जो कभी
डूबता ही नहीं।
दिखे तो यह सूर्यास्त,
पर ना कभी परास्त।”
© कवि प्रवीण कुमार पति

Hello&Hi! Sun & Sky!

Hello & Hi!
We are the Sun & the Sky!
Evening Glow & Sunset Shine!
The Day’s been Great,
the Night be Fine!
Great be Yours just as Mine!


© Prabeen Kumar Pati

“Ghana Ghana Tivr Hai Prem Ka Prahaar” My Raw Original “घन घन तीव्र है प्रेम का प्रहार”

My Raw Original on the fly composition “Ghana Ghana Tivra Hai Prem Ka Prahaar”

घन घन तीव्र है प्रेम का प्रहार

घन घन तीव्र है

घन घन तीव्र है
घन घन तीव्र है

घन घन तीव्र है (३)

प्रेम का प्रहार (३)

तीव्र है प्रहार (२)

यह प्रेम का प्रहार (२)

The Biggest Power/Shakti in the entire Universe is the Power of Prem/Love.

© Prabeen Kumar Pati

© प्रबीण कुमार पति

गणपति कण कण गण गण

ॐ नमो गणेशाय गणपतये
        🙏नमो नमः।🙏
      कण कण गण गण
भक्त पति नमस्तुते प्रति क्षण

~ प्रबीण कुमार पति

कण कण गण गण

bhakti Mantra & Vandana & Prarthana

from Prabeen Kumar Pati

to Lord Ganesha Ganapati

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

ଓଁ ଗଣ ଗଣ ଗଣେଶାୟ ନମୋ ନମଃ

© Prabeen Kumar Pati

© प्रबीण कुमार पति

~ ©PP. Prabeen Kumar Pati. PSquare


Nelson Mandela’s Life is a true Inspiration & Guide! If Freedom (including from Racism/Apartheid), Justice, Democracy r High, against/handling Constant Bullying, he’s an Inspiration! If You Think your life is (full) of miseries, & worst/gross injustice, think about Mr. Mandela who was just like that being jailed/prisoned & Poisoned with hate from Racists Bullies but he remained strong & a true Winner! Champion! #NeMa! ✌️🙏✍️ A Great Man! Human Being! Above Beings! Tallest!



A True SON of the Earth. A True MAN!

Let’s not just remember &revere; Let’s imbibe his Life & Guidance! His Very Being! Let’s celebrate him in 2019 on 18/7/2019 born on 18/7/1918

18 July => 18+ Doesn’t mean You’re Free until true Freedom.

JULY: JU: Justice. LY: Lie By the Oppressors & Bullies. Justice Denied!

Say not to Bullying. Say No to Harassment.

Say No to Racism. Say No to Apartheid. Say No to Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela: A True GURU!


NeMa ~ PP

A True Dignified Humble Champion & Winner vs Bullying & Harassment in Life, at Workplace & many spheres of life!

& Last but not the Least:

It always seems Impossible until it is DONE!

Nelson Mandela

~ ©PP. Prabeen Kumar Pati. PSquare

WORK that Works!? ~Lemon Thoughts

#WorkThatWorks #FoodForThought with #LemonThoughts