“Ghana Ghana Tivr Hai Prem Ka Prahaar” My Raw Original “घन घन तीव्र है प्रेम का प्रहार”

My Raw Original on the fly composition “Ghana Ghana Tivra Hai Prem Ka Prahaar”

घन घन तीव्र है प्रेम का प्रहार

घन घन तीव्र है

घन घन तीव्र है
घन घन तीव्र है

घन घन तीव्र है (३)

प्रेम का प्रहार (३)

तीव्र है प्रहार (२)

यह प्रेम का प्रहार (२)

The Biggest Power/Shakti in the entire Universe is the Power of Prem/Love.

© Prabeen Kumar Pati

© प्रबीण कुमार पति


#KalLoveHoNaaHo #कल_Love_हो_ना_हो
तुम LOVE मानते हो साल में एक बार!
जीते हो सालों साल!
और मरते हो Life में एक बार! 
Aaj Manalo Love, Kal Love Ho Naa Ho!

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Kal Love Ho Naa Ho

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#KalLoveHoNaaHo #कल_Love_हो_ना_हो

Kal Love Ho Naa Ho

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#Heart. #LoVe.

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~ ©NoQuoteNot.NQN.PP. PSquare. Prabeen Pati

Play in the V Zone. IQ.V-Day #Valentines

LoVe: Me & V: Heart

#Me_&_V with #LoVe & #HeArt by #IQ #IQuote #PP


LoVe.Heart: Me & V‘.” IQuote.IQ. PP

~ ©PP.IQuote.IQ.Prabeen Kumar Pati

Sundara Tanaya Sundara Nayana. सुन्दर तनय सुन्दर नयन । सुन्दर तनयम् सुन्दर नयनम् । ~ प्रबीण 

My Raw Original Devotion Love Bhakti Song/humming/Mantra on the fly composed. Please Listen here:

Sundara Tanaya Sundara Nayana. सुंदर तनय सुंदर नयन । सुंदर सुन्दर तनयम सुन्दर नयनम । ~ प्रबीण

~ प्रबीण कुमार पति

© Prabeen Kumar Pati

© प्रबीण कुमार पति

What the Maths! Fun Friday the 16th! 16.02.2018

Fun Friday the 16th! NoFunNot!

2Day: 16.02.2018 or 02.16.2018

Oh Yeah! 

The Day & Month just add up 2 the Year: 16+2=18

& Reverse 02:20!

~ Funny Prabeen

Prabeen Kumar Pati


more than just . more than . My  view.

Any way supreme court order on the 120 yr old dispute is to be out today! #Cauvery #Kaveri


kaveri image2  kaveri image


~ Poet Prabeen

(Prabeen Kumar Pati)

Something U I Know (between US)

My Original all-round composition. As-Is. On the Fly. As kept coming along in the mind/heart… Preview / Draft / Beta version.


Something You know About Me…
Something I know About You…
Up in the hill,
Up (on) the road;
I think…
give a Thought about You All Along …

The Breeze, the Wind,
And (it’s) so smooth;
Calm, and Peace;
And the Lush Green…

Something I know about You,
Something I know about This.
Something I know between Us.
(Something We know between Us…)


Tu Nathibu Boli… Mun Nathibi Boli… (Odia. Original. by Prabeen)

My Original all-round composition.

“Tu Nathibu boli,
Mun Nathibi boli…

Aei Aama Prema,
Ama duhin’ka Mana,
Rahi thiba Jeebana bhari Jeebana…

Aei Smruti,
Naahin Iti…

Thibani aei Kaali,
thibani aei Raati,

Totey aei Kathaa,
Mun kahuchi aaji kholi…

As-Is. Preview / Draft / Beta version. Original first on the fly as it came along in my mind/heart. Video-Selfie.
Here’s my YouTube video link:



Bahaaron Kii Malikaa Ho Tumm… (Original First. Prabeen)

Here’s the Original First take of BahaaronKiiMalikaaHoTumm.

My Original all-round composition. As-Is. Preview / Raw / Draft / Beta version.
I composed/shot this song in 2012 on the fly as it all came to my mind and heart.

” Bahaaron’kii Malikaa ho tumm,
Kkhayaalon’kii Malika ho tumm,
Bhiigey Bhiigey se hain Honth tere,
Bhiigii bhiigii sii hai yah zindegaanii…

Bahaaron’kii Malika ho tumm,
Kkhayaalon’kii Malika ho tumm,
Bhiigie Bhiigie se hain Aankh terii,
Bhiigii bhiigii sii hai yah zindegaanii…

Kkhusiyon’kii Saugaat ho tumm,
Pyaar’kii Barsaat ho tumm,
Bhiigey Bhiigey sii hai Baatein terii,
Bhiigey Bhiigey Sho’ Baatein terii,
Bhiigii bhiggii sii hai yah zindegaanii…

Honthon’kii Pankhdiyaan ho tumm,
Gulaabon’kii Pankhdii ho tumm,
Bhiigey Bhiigey se hain Honth tere,
Bhiigii bhiigii sii hai yah zindegaanii…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati ”