Yes, CM! Yes, PM! Yes, All!

Yes, CM! Yes, PM! Yes, Congress! Yes, BJP! Yes, CPM! Yes, All! Yes, etc! Yes, et al!
I am the ridiculously Independent ‘Common Poor Man‘ !

I am the compulsory, yet partly optional!
I am the subject, I am the specialisation!
Yes, I am the PCM!
But only in the votes, ranks
as marks just for the Qualification!
I am Prem, I am Chatur!
Yes, I am the Prevalent Common Man!
I am the generalisation, yet not the realisation!
I am the suggestion, not the implementation!
I am the news, but only the Journalists’ slogan!
I am the motion, but never the action!
In the Constitution, but outside the (Planning) Commission!
I am in the Institution, but never in the Consideration!
I am in the Law, but never in the Know!
I am the Integration, I am the Unity,
But if I show fully, to them I look dirty!
I am the Majority, yet the Minority!
I am the Mass, but treated as the Trash!
I am the Voice, but never a compulsory Choice!
I am the Point, but not as long as the Opponent!
I am in the election,
but as Permutation and Combination!
I am significant only in the counting
of votes in the election,
But left out to be mere two-digit number
when it comes to monetary calculation
Or so to say to attach a valuation
towards a BPL qualification!
I am always in the scene,
but later edited, cut, deleted
when it comes to be the released Film,
so much so that I am made so irrelevant
as if I am so misfit and obscene!
I am the resource, I am the growth,
I am the treasure, I am the wealth,
but made out to be the burden of subsidy
and fiscal deficit in the budget
to hide their misfire and misadventure,
and the inability, the opaque governance,
to conceal and prolong their illicit honeymoon
with dishonesty and corruption,
Thereby giving us the unwanted child
In the form of high inflation!
I am the food, I am the nutrition,
But in the godown, made out to rot
If I don’t fit in their plan and ambition!
I am in the act, but not in the participation!

Hey, watch out, all you Political Corrupt Men!

I am the Pressed Compressed Man!
Yes, I am the Poor Common Man!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Yes, CM! (Common Man!)

Yes, CM!
I am so common, I am the CM!
Oh, no, you thought me the CM, the Chief Minister! Never Mind! It’s me, the Common Man! It’s so Common Me!
I am so remembered, yet fully ignored!
I am so characterless, so prevalent, so common, that’s why I am Common Me!
I am the Cursed Moon! So cursed that nobody would be with me, would never praise me, forget worshipping me; worst, everybody say I am Common, I am Me, but check the reality, so cursed and corrupt I am made to be that I never make it to the wish and the to-be list of any Corrupt Man, any Common Man! So Cursed and hated, I am Common Man, I am!
I am so hot, I am so cold! I am so sexy and glamourous that I am sold at once!
I am so ridiculously Characterless Man! I am always with and on and in every man, every woman, every leader, every fellow, every teacher, every follower, every politician, every voter, every economist, every strategist, every philosopher, every prophet, everybody! I am so common, so prevalent, so much present in mention, every talk, every column, every speech, every agitation, every movement, every plan, every budget, under the carpet, every chowk, every bazaar, every turn, every corner, every road, even footpath, every house, every home, every place, every state, so much so everywhere, don’t you forget the constitution! So Characterless and Common I am!
So prevalent yet so helpless and so lonely!
Never a destination, Never the Destiny!
I am always cited, recited; but never am I Mantra the Sacred!
I am always on the talk on the red Carpet, but I am always kept under the carpet!
I am always so wildly celebrated, but I am never the celebrity!
I am always called an inspiration, but nobody wants me even in their wildest desperation!

Yes, CM! I am so much so the Common Man!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Yes PM!

Yes, PM!
PMPrime Minister? Oh no, I am a program manager, oh no, I am a project manager! Forget it! It’s all me, the Portfolio Manager!
Well, no Post Mortem on the warm reception I receive!
Ah! Leave it all aside! I am the PM, Post Master, I am just almost on the par of a Post Peon, I earn so much by so small margin!
Ah! Give me a break! It’s Paisa Money!
Oh no, how could you just miss them!? Paa Maa! Pitaa Maataa!
It’s Pappa Mamma! Oh! Poor Paapaa, Poor Mommy!
Give me a break for God sake! It’s all about Paisa Money!
And guess for whom it’s all the buzz and fuzz; fuss, it’s me!
I am the PM, so called, Poor Man!
Oh, no! My eyes open! It was all fake, God sake, it was all in the dreams I was eating and drinking and sleeping, because I have nothing to eat, nothing to drink, nothing to cheat, nothing to sleep with nor to sleep on; nothing to thrive on, nothing to put on; nothing to live with, nothing to live on, nothing to live for; but everything to shy for, everything to cry for, everything to die for!
And who ultimately suffers, it’s me! Poor Me!
It’s all past, it’s always the night as it seems, it’s always the pm, the last Post Meridien!
It’s all about the PM, Paisa Money! Poor Man! Poor Me!

God, alas! Really, the Poor Me, if the Poor Man the nation’s PM, the Prime Minister! Oh no, why mustn’t I be! They take all votes citing Poor Me, Poor Man!
Not just for the goons, for all even the rest, I am always the Printed Mantra, Printed Money!
I am so Prevalent (man), then why am I not worshipped as God!? Oh no, that’s impossible, how could be so helpless, God!
I always get highlighted, ya, literally; but always blind sighted, actually!
I am always in the words, literally; but never in action, never in motion (except some award winning picture motion), practically!
I am always put on the hot seat, literally; but always under the seat, virtually!
I am always celebrated, but never am I the celebrity!
So why am I not the Prime Man? Why always am I projected as the Present (moment), but always remain that Past Memory!?
I am the Prithvii (earth) and the Mitti (soil)!
Every netaa (leader), all the janataa (people) cite me, recite me, so much Poor Me!

Not am I the Perfect Man!?
Dare to think I am a Poet Man!
The Prophet, the Monk – who just knows it all! Ummm, but never thinks to do it all!
It’s all political, and I am a Puppet Man used by the Politicians, Man!

Ummm, always needing the helping hand; oh, the Poor Me!
Yes, the Practical Me, the Poor Me!

Alas! Again, I day-sleep, discounting the Poor Me, poor moments; never on a premium, yet to live the golden PMoments!
Yes, PM!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

The “i” and Steve Jobs

On the auspicious occasion of VijayaDashamii, the soul celebrates the freedom and the eternity as it departed from the cancered body! Cancer was just a reminder to us that the body is a body, a temporary form and shape! The soul will gain another form and shape in the name of someBODY and again be in Sync !
The soul was at peace as it could contribute finally to India , where the body and mind got actually reunited in Sync with the Soul through Spiritual Enlightenment! The uniting and Syncing of Inner and Outer! The latest strategy shift of Apple in form of products, services, marketing towards India shows that – iStrategy!
iP* – I Product! Iconic Product(s)! Inherently Productive, Infectiously Positive, Inherently Portable, Inherently Present, Inherently Prevalent!
iPod (a medium of sound and music, iMusic) was pricey yet not so pricey though! But what Apple was lacking at least in the area of mobile phone presence in India, it’s starting to fill the vacuum through its series of iPhone (not to be iPrice)! iPad is the tablet! iOS is just starting to fill the small yet most significant features for the users across! So ‘I’ for Implementation! Not just the spread of iTunes (iThink, IT)!
So the iSoul was at iEase and at iPeace! As it’s known Steve died peacefully!
iSteve not any more in the world of the alive! But Inner Spirit eternal! The identity of S, is evergreen!
The day for the Wall Street be remembered the iStreet!
Steve Jobs, you have never departed! Because you will be remembered not as the physical body and form we have seen, but as the great phenomenon, the great soul through its contribution chain of innovation and inspiration in the form of products better known as revolution!
A JOB Well Done! iSoul!
A toast to the iCreativity, iScience, iTechnology!

The APPLE was a BYTE earlier, now it’s starting to be a full APPLE! So FRESH again!

The time for iSport! Towards iPerfection!

The ‘I’ Eye of Eyes!
‘I’ – EYE! The Eye is a sphere! So it’s the world, the globe! It just doesn’t see things, it visualises them, it has a vision!
The “I” ‘Of’ “SPIRIT”, the “I” ‘Of’ “Soul”! (iOS)
The I Of S! The In and Out of S! (iOS)
The “I” “C”! Yes, I See! (iC*) The Independent Cloud! The “Icon” of the “Century”!
When expressed with respect to the SOUL, the “I” is just the AVATAR, the INCARNATION!
The “I” is so sweetly and positively Infectious!
Mathematically, ‘I’ to the power of Infinity!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

‘The movement called “India Against Corruption” and Anna Hazare, and My Honest Truth’…

‘The movement called “India Against Corruption” and Anna Hazare, and My Honest Truth’…

“Hazaron khwahishen aisi
ke dil machle
Hazaron laakhon Awaaz aisi
kii chaaron dishaon mein guunj uthe
‘Main hoon Anna Hazare’.”

Personally, I don’t look up to or follow the personas, I take stock of the process, judge the very thought process, the intent, thoughts, values, principles, yardstick, what is right and good towards the truth; and then take up or apply them (if I am convinced or think those as good ones) towards the truth as per my own intuition, gut feeling or so; learn from their mistakes so that I don’t commit those, but all this comes through experimentation; as I can’t trust a person cent per cent as I don’t know about the particular person in person or enough! How can one (entirely) know the other’s real character, which is again relative though!? That would be only perception and some trust or faith!

Recently, when I was travelling, not surprisingly the Fight Against Corruption topic came out and the phenomenon called Anna Hazare.
Is it all political? I said a big NO. If it was political, then definitely violence would have taken place, one would see or hear about broken car glasses, burning of vehicles, tyres, attack on the buildings, some stirred stampede, some killings or attempts kind of etc etc.
The gathering and human chains never led to any violence. Even the political parties specially the Congress nor the BJP couldn’t dare to instigate any violence such was the presence of the very active people who had been gathering in the Rise whole heartedly spontaneously. Yes, not all the people involved may not be quite in it, but that’s a small percentage of it all! Do all the people or students taking part in some union strikes, agitations etc know what they are there really for? Few come for bit adventure, fun, excuse, visibility, media hype etc! Some come for their own specific problem or perception! Some come for publicity! But those ones and opportunists or so constitute not a significant portion! The call was a noble cause, irrespective of any alignment towards religion, region, caste, class; and so people across all ages and mainly the modern youth supported it and joined in, poured in unlike the political rallies where people are picked and packed up in loads of trucks in the name of some lure or offerings or just blindly!
After the Baba Ramdev (well, in a discussion more than a year ago, I had expressed that he would come with some political activity or the other, and was not expecting he would pull it off!) flip-flop show with the Govt’s tactics, it was important that this movement for the very prevailing national cause was in the direction positively.
This movement has reiterated non-violence in our blood and DNA, re-enforced the open unity and solidarity, and the very trend and culture in this part of the world!
And the front line group has done the right and smart things by reaching the people not just through the regular routes and media, but now very important social media and the power of not just pen, but also the web!
The people in the Govt and various authorities must know that their false mask of the typical Bhadro Lok won’t work against the people’s voice whatever political tactics and treachery they adopt. They can’t simply sit in the backseat and dictate terms even though they enjoy the fact that there is no alternative political party to be in the power at least currently! Their ego may not stand with themselves!
There have been a few detractors of Anna Hazare definitely and obviously!
Some who claim that they have closely worked with Anna and that Anna is a drama, doesn’t know what’s corruption, and has been used or misrepresenting himself; where is their common sense? What are they saying for? Why shouldn’t we think that as a publicity stunt itself!? And why they don’t come and do the serving to the cause their way if they are so honest? Whatever jealously or ego or whatsoever they may have, they can’t deny the truth that even in the past movements, the leaders started off but might not know what would be the exact steps, what should be the scope etc, until they marched on the path and explored, discovered and established! That’s what is a process of any movement, you can’t just plan out every thing out and out! Thats the very life! You may have milestones, goals, vision, and certain process, but it all matures along the way only! Also it’s a fact and truth that even those sitting in the so called authority, as they know themselves, they didn’t know politics when they started! And to top it all, a CM’s call to Anna Hazare to win elections on his own was just ridiculous and reflected the very sorry ignorance, sense and ego of the present politicians! I am sure that the PM would have learnt that fighting it all out against a left party for a nuclear bill with an outside country was much easier than fighting it out in our own system! Unfortunately, sir, you can’t be a silent spectator or proxy in this just cause when it actually demands your true identity and character, even it is the best situation to silence your critics if you take so! Where are the much hyped and expected and promised reforms?! And I understand your vote and call may not be all in this whole set up, as also vindicated in the recent rejection of the sports bill! Everybody has his/her opinion and when to express and for what, is the more important part, even though one may be tempted to say whatever in the name of freedom of speech!

Coming back to the motive:
Even in the worst case, just for the sake of it, if one assumes that it’s ( the movement and Anna-Team Anna) a drama, sponsored by some other entity and the front-line people involved are the same hungry for power or visibility as any body else; still, nobody can deny it that even that worst case is more acceptable than the present as-is reality we have. And they have a tentative road map and a draft bill in hand! Above all, the public has come into direct and informed participation than a passive one! Nothing has been unconstitutional here, dear all! The parliament with its power can bring in amendments, bills and other set ups to suit them more, not the people; but if they think so, they can go for the simple iPadder things and all; then this very anti-corruption step bill for the people and against the corrupt is bigger than those things by quite some levels! The constitution is not complete, it’s a base, and needs amendments from time to time towards perfection, and democracy is there for it, and it’s for the very democracy! The media covered it all for their own reasons, but as I repeat, this is the cause that makes sense, it doesn’t really matter, if some entities look to their bread and butter and profit, so much when lots of more important matters are at stake!

And to put the facts, in this country, a dasyu (dacoit) has become the greatest Balmiki Rishi; a Chanddaashoka has moulded into the Dharmaashoka; a Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhii has transformed into the greatest Mahatmaa Gandhii and many more! So keep trusting this great country, and miracles and great things will happen with the time!
The nature and time are here to balance it all, and some entities and personalities will keep coming up to enforce and reiterate the truth, and to keep up the faith in the world of the alive in some form or the other!

And yes, I have been supporting this movement as any Indian would and should do! Even for a particular week, as the movement appealed, at least to support it, not to do the regular work, take leaves etc; I have done it, as the time did it all, I was on official leave and was not doing any regular professional work even remotely through any computer or network in that period! And I have been contributing in my life through out as it has come! I have been and am very positive through out as ever!

And to add on, Corruption is devoid of any country, race, religion, skin, language, caste, region, locality, entity, class, level and on and on! The extent of the encroachment of this very disease or epidemic, to say so, can be controlled through thoughts, processes and stringent steps if only we follow in our daily lives! If we are strong ourselves, nothing outside can block or divert us!

For more on Corruption:

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati



What should be the start?!
Well, for me, to start with, ‘corruption’ is a word and something created, used and meant relatively!
Strictly as per the dictionary, “Corruption is:

a) dishonest or illegal behaviour, especially of people in authority;
b) the act or effect of making somebody change from moral to immoral standards of behaviour;
c) the form of a word or phrase that has become changed from it’s original form in some way”.

And yes,the prevalent terminology of corruption refers to the definitions as in the points a) and b). And again, some more simple yet complicated terms are used and referred to define it!
The words being used to define the term are again simple to pronounce, not so difficult to explain, but the most difficult to put in practice.

Yes, daily, we are involved in doing certain things some or the other way, which one is tempted to say as committing corruption. For some, it’s kind of a kick-back not to raise the voice and do the right against corruption or restricting to only certain issues. But to that my response is:
Does it mean we are killers or murderers if we walk or do certain things that result in the death of some flies, insects or so?! Not certainly! Even we have to kill mosquitoes, bugs, cockroaches deliberately and honestly to protect ourselves and/or keeping our environment and people healthy and safe. And that’s not a crime in a world of the alive! If still per the religion and in the purest of forms, we should avoid any life-or-anyCreatureHoweverSmallOr Visible-killing act knowingly and unknowingly, then let’s do those right actions and acts so as to stay away from those creatures through cleanliness, and hygiene practices and measures.

So is corruption, or be it mind or money or whatever other terms it’s attached to or can be attached to.
Corruption results or originates from our own thoughts, greed, insecurity, over-indulgence, non-orientation towards values, principles; and the very environment we live or make ourselves live.

Corruption is not there in the system just like that. The people who are involved in corruption are not out of the world or creation. They are very much part of this system as us. Encouraging corruption, or doing nothing against it, is itself corruption as we allow ourselves being in the shell and indirectly and subconsciously supporting corruption. So even by the languages’ dictionary definitions ( b) ), it’s also corruption. The same in every language irrespective of the word coined for it.
Some instances and life examples
1. During my higher studies, I faced a particular situation. One institution-cum-hostel-peer cheated me after taking money from me in the form of a membership fee towards the institution. I was not returned my money as simple as that even after follow ups! It was not a matter of just some money – the hard earned money of my mother. The guy wanted to cheat if not me, somebody else just as to prove himself ready for his own-version politics so as for the high post in the student union. That was corruption for me. So I stood against the corruption. I knew some people were in his support politically. The thing spiralled into a dispute and even I was attacked suddenly just as I was coming out after having my meal. The attack resulted in an injury to me obviously and the most affected part had to be stitched. But all my inmates, friends, hostel dwellers knew the truth and cooperated with me in the rise and fight against this corrupt act positively. (Few people also joined for their own political reasons.) The rise was not against the money but even for a bigger cause, against the corrupt thoughts and to make those responsible realise of their act of deed, so that nobody else including them do the corrupt deeds again ever to any body else. The rise was very positive as it reinstated our togetherness ultimately as I am sure at least one of those in the supporting of the corrupt act realised sensitively. The guy responsible in the root cause though said sorry for all, but I am not sure how honestly it has been followed in the life. The rest is history and I need not go into all those details at this point of time. Nor am I keen here to go into the details of all those others involved. Wishes for the Rightly Happy Life for all as ever!
2. During my school studies, I won scholarship. But when I had gone to collect the payment from the respective regional govt office headquarters, the assigned clerk accountant kept some money out of my scholarship for himself and told me not to tell it to any body even my mother. I didn’t complain to any body as I thought the person was in some need and what a big matter if I shared some of the money with him for his cause. But very late I realised the man was not honest. So after being a victim of this corruption the next time when I won scholarship subsequently, I ensured the corruption was not committed again.
3. Work: Some years back, I was in a discussion with some people in a train trip on why I was not changing my work company so that I could get better package. I told it was my passion for the organisation, money is not everything, and the moment I realise if there was any bad practice, or injustice, money corruption, or any corruption, or non-transaparency, bad politics, or unethical things or even a slight hint of any of it, I would resign and leave the organisation as soon as possible if my attempts to rectify and improve the process didn’t come off positively. Very soon after that meet, exactly such situation happened. I didn’t get my salary and insurance for some gap in the process work flow not my fault. My follow ups and all the pain, honest attempts though resulted in some corrective action from the higher authorities but very late and not enough. And some situations (even though not my fault) exactly reflecting some kind of corruption also surfaced as a combo multiplying my genuine grievances. I had even had to write email; to that I was told by one in the management that even the supreme boss (withholding the name here) would not have written a long mail in his defining days. To that I thought, there was no email system in practice during those times, so the letter did it all. I was also told that I would realise it after 3 years that ‘I should not have written any email ever’. (Any way I had not fired the email to the super boss nor did I feel I should do. ) And I knew I was right and the respective person would get the answer even quite before 3 years. And so I resigned and left the company at the earliest. And not long back in the wake of the infamous 2G scam, came another public letter – a long letter / email in the media from that super boss. So I know the person would have got the answer which probably was known even when I was told!
And the person had also told me that the person was not in any knowledge of my identity, otherwise the person would not have let any thing happen such that the sorrow and regretful situation was avoided at the outset itself and I would not have been ever the victim or at the helm of all the happenings. In fact, even my career would have been even prolonged and brighter and in the higher ranks further. And exactly that’s what I had not wanted to let my identity revealed in the beginning of the tenure itself for; my goal was to prove the perception wrong among the people in that area that persons with similar identity as mine in the past were helped partially in the career and all. What if it resulted in somewhat avoidable situation to myself, a situation and grievances avoidable had I revealed my identity at the outset!
4. Crime for Corruption? I was in a particular city and some people came to know I was a US return.
And they demanded a good amount of money and more from me just like that as to their perception, I was hugely rich in terms of money at least. I didn’t know it would result in an attack and attempt to murder or so. And one night, I was attacked suddenly without any slightest of hint. I was attacked with the weapons that it’s just a miracle and for God that I have been alive after that, as logically may be I would have been spot dead then and there itself instead of just injury. The act of theirs ( those though partly drunk or fully) was a crime and also a corruption and even heinous overall, and I took them to police and booked. It was even more disturbing after knowing those people’s true identities during the police investigation. Any way after few days and nights, I finally agreed to the thing after police also suggested that let them be released and sent back home as they had families and little children.
5. It’s kind of a common fact that how some, though not all, in the traffic police or other public service servants/employees/authorities/entities resort to the common practice of trapping and demanding bribe from their own country-men for whatever reason unless genuine. Needless to say, how big and common this corruption is! Yes, I have also been in that situation. I had to pay to the so called on-duty traffic police men on some occasions despite honest pleading, persuasion, request and some camera clicks. The success ratio was not bad though, but I have had to resort to my existing art of acting for the right cause successfully as why should I pay money or so as I have not been at fault all.
6. The pension corruption, which is again very common. Even till today, we have not got our father’s state Govt pension for his earlier services as an officer in the labour department, even after decades of his demise in a train accident. The central govt pension for his corresponding services was though available from time to time after certain follow ups.
This particular situation and the practical knowledge had been an important factor for me to decide my career not as an IAS officer or so even though that career was my father’s dream for me.

With respect to Democracy:
Democracy in the simplest form of definition (and I don’t need a dictionary quote): “Democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people”.
So what’s the issue? Not just democracy,the very humanity,the very life entitle us as our birth-right to do the right things.

With respect to religion and duty:
it has been the world of good vs evil! Or God’s vs Evil/Devil. Dharma-Adharma! The dharma or the duty for the religion has been that we should as true followers of God-Good-Truth, should and must fight against the evil/devil/Shaitaan. And the truth/good prevails in the war, if it’s.

Corruption is a devil, evil, shaitaan within us and in our surroundings that we must fight and continue to fight to make our lives purer and truer…
We should remain focussed, in fact, attached to the good, the values, the practice yet detached specially from our favourable targets, expectations, end results.

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

These are the Best Times

These are the best times
For one to be one’s self,
even stronger things and action
will not be discouraged
nor will find any traction
nor that opposition
because the happy going ways won’t do,
Some fixes are so quick
And so long to heal
as they are so helpless, thoughtless and
even that they know it all!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati (19Aug2011)