Uf! 6vs7 on 6/7 & 7/7! in the Month of 7! FIFA 2018 World Cup RUSSIA! QFs to the Road#6&7 of Final

As U would have known by this time, as with FIFA Football 2018 World Cup Russia Quarter-Finals,  it’s all going around:

6vs7 on 6/7 & 7/7

Oh Ya! World Cup of Letters & of R to World Cup of Numbers! 6 & 7.

We can even name the Stadium & Street Numbers 6 & 7.

6🆚7! Uf! Exception 😜. Uf! It’s 7🆚6 on the 6th. Sometimes order matters! Rest are 6🆚7 for sure. Let’s see is it2be 6🆚7 in the Semi Finals or not… Will URU play its Way through or France advance!? Don’t Miss! U’ll Regret it. All happening in the Month of 7!⚽ #URUFRA #BRABEL  #SWEENG  #RUSCRO


All Exciting Goodies:

Brazilian NeymaRoll (I just love it 😀 )

Belgian Chocolate as-is & many more. Enjoy the new French Fries: URUFries, & BRABEL sandwich/choco/cookies/coffee/roll!

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Just look at the Flags as well. There’s a Pattern similarly dissimilar:

FRA&BEL. SWE&ENG. RUS&CRO. BRA’s unique! I love it! & URU – the (south) Latin America flavour!?

Well, one Croatia fan from a remote country mistook RUSsIA for … (ref:flag, & pronunciation!)

ENGLAND fans vs SWEDEN fans:

Swedish to the English: Your line/queue starts where ours ends!

SwedEN-ENgland! made on the Soccer Football field of EDEN!

the English: The line/queue starts wherever we stand.

Which way will it actually SWEENG, I mean SWING!?


So it’s over to QFs: as per FIFA rankings: 14vs7, 2vs3, 24vs12, & 70vs20! GOAL!


An Update: as per FIFA Rankings, it’s:

14vs7, 2vs3, 24vs12, & 70vs20


~ Prabeen Kumar Pati




The SOCCER PUNCH! (#FIFA2014WorldCup #SpainVsNetherlands)

‪#‎FIFA2014‬ ‪#‎FIFAWorldCup2014‬ ‪#‎SpainVsNetherlands‬ ‪#‎NetherlandsSpain‬ ::::
The ‪#‎Netherlands‬ were looking for ‪#‎REVENGE‬. No more sweet ‪#‎ORANGEs‬ (but a dash of the orange peels).
‪#‎Spain‬ were looking to calm down the #Netherlands, so came in (largely) ‪#‎WHITEs‬ (though not ‪#‎Green‬), for ‪#‎PEACE‬.
But the Netherlands got enraged when it was Penalty (penalty kick .. so pity when a team gets penalty, it gets to give the other team a kick {with the ball}!!!)! And why #Spain willfully scored the goal, if it was all for peace!
Spain said, they r not gods, n r not ‘from ‪#‎Greece‬’!
The Dutch didn’t like the tease, and looked to paste on Spain some grease!
as was pissed ‪#‎Arjen‬ (read ‘from Hadria’, not from #Greece); and ‪#‎RvP‬!
#RvP did a header (gunning with the head, but for #Spain’s head, and ‪#‎Casillas‬, read the ‪#‎Box‬!) as equalizer.
n looked up to A ‪#‎Robben‬ (read ‪#‎crawl‬) signalling to #Casillas (read Box) (for alternate overarm movements and rapid kicks of the legs).
And the 4th Goal showed the way and the day for the ‪#‎ESP‬; as #Casillas (yellow, yello…) literally crawled looking/asking for MERCY, but why it be, ESPecially not van PERSIE (read not from ‘‪#‎Robin‬ van ‪#‎PERSIE‬’). (#Casillas learned as goalkie, it’s better and safe to use hands than the legs!)
And if it was not enough, Holland ended with / ensured a FIVEr (‪#‎sucker‬ #PUNCH, read #SoccerPUNCH)! #Spain15Netherlands