UD CHALAA “उड़ चला”

हो उड़ चला

उड़ चला

तेरी कमी से

उड़ चला ;

उड़ चला

हो उड़ चला

ख़्वाबों को पूरे करने

यह उड़ चला

यह उड़ चला

यह उड़ चला ।

मंज़िल कहाँ हे

ढूंढे उसे वो

मंज़िल कहाँ हे
ढूंढे उसे वो

कहाँ कैसे

उड़ चला …

‘उड़ चला

उड़ चला

उड़ चला’। (३)

~ प्रबीण कुमार पति
My Raw Original First on the fly: “उड़ चला ” Ud Chalaa…
True Freedom. #Selfly!

© Prabeen Kumar Pati

© प्रबीण कुमार पति

National Anthem – Take A Stand! AndThem AndThen

#NationalAnthem: #UnitedStates of #America 🇺🇸 or #Republic of #India🇮🇳

To #Stand or Stand Not! It has been going on for more than a year now. 🤔


  1. &Stands of President&WhiteHouse clear!
  2. &On-field some of citizens/players oppose &they don’t stand taking a stand on the pressing issues! mm
  3. &Opposers: They have issue with the President Donald Trump – the person! mm



  1. #Govt changes stand & so does #SupremeCourt!?
  2. Supreme Court said its earlier order

    “Playing National Anthem & Standing” was a “Directory” not “Mandatory”!
  3. AndProtests: against again the Prime Minister Narendra Modi – the person & the Govt.!

AndQueries AndViews:

  1. AndThose who are physical/medically restricted and bound to wheels or so, can just show respect putting their main hand/palm on the heart or salute! right!
  2. AndWhy National Anthem in cinema halls or theatres! entertainment places. AndWhy?
  3. AndTo that question next it will come: why show “Smoking Kills” etc. etc. “messages in Public Interest” on the screen before playing a movie! After all it’s entertainment area! The list can go on.
  4. AndIf National Anthem played publicly (irrespective of a cinema hall entertainment! even during National Days – Republic; Independence; Events) & with proper code, show respect, stand; stand respectfully.


AndThem AndThen! #Theatric🤐


AndPlease #TakeAStand!

&No #&Right #&Left! 

It’s &Straight!

AndNo #Theatrics, &No Violence, please!!!

EndTheatrics. EndViolence.

(Though &FoodforThought: When Respect for Individual or Respect for AnyBody or so is scarce &| is taken lightly &| as a weakness, asking for Respect for/to something will be too much to ask!)


~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya-hai! Miss the Live Real Action of Leading the Troops for March-Past, the Parade, Preparing for the Day(s)! And singing the National Anthem with the sounds of the Drums/Bands. Nothing else feels and prides better than that!

Bhaarat hai Mahaan!

My Original composition. As is. Preview. No pre-lyrics, pre-preparation except that it would be a patriotic one:::

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

More ‘Happy Independence Day’!

More “Happy Independence Day”! More Independence, More Freedom, More Discipline, More Action, More Efficiency, More Honesty, More Integrity, More Character, More bridging of Haves-HaveNots, More Food, More Storage, More Thoughts, More Creativity, More Innovation, More Originality, More Sensitivity, More Humanity, More Friendship, More Love, More Unity, More Peace, More Stability, More Prosperity, More Pride, More Confidence, More Smiles, More Health, More Fitness, More Fulfillness, More Happiness…!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


Khuun mein mere laal rang bahe,
maine yeh jaana rakht jaanch mein,
Jaana doosron ke bhi wohi laal rang,
Bigyaan se, pustak se, charcha mein,
Ehsaas hua rakt-daan mein.
Log kahein main Satrangi,
Kalaa ka toh koi (ek) rang nahin;
Lekin eie maa,
Eie mere doston,
Eie duniaa,
mere ang ang mein
rang rang mein
mere shaanson mein
ein shabdon mein
dil ki har ek dhadkan mein
Khuun aur Lahu mein

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati (12Aug2011)