My Honest Truth

“My Honest Truth”
Why? – This has been in my mind for a long time.
And finally putting it in form of a series.
It has been just a matter of time that I have decided where and what form to package and present it.
If it’s so, why public? I have been writing and not afraid of telling how the life is. Of course it helps in connecting to the events in direct and indirect articles. I will keep the writings inter-linked with the corresponding links as the posts and updates go on. And as a principle of mine and in-scope, I will not reveal the identities of the entities associated to that particular event or instance (bad or good) directly as much as possible including here.
Technology-wise, I have my pre-work and professional work experience and expertise in Open-Source technologies mainly. So naturally, I advocate for open source as much possible and practical and required. It is an endless vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom, and no boundaries! So why any restriction as I traverse whether I swim or sail through or fly over!?
Thinking and Writing have been more than just a passion for me!
Yes, I remember, as many of the instances, this particular instance – as I was told by a very reliable source, when an eminent respected writer, struggling with his own critical health and close to bed-ridden in his so as to say in the worldly ways – retiring age of 70’s, came to know about my writing, thoughts, poetry, poems, and got glimpses enough to find and feel solace, peace and GOD that he really wanted to meet me in person. But it has been fate that though actually I didn’t go on or try to meet him for some reason, he has been into the 80’s and he is in a better health as I have come to know!
Well, it was at the start of my professional career in IT ( Information Technology) , that a colleague ( not exactly a friend, nor can I term as acquaintance in the same company), once told me as a well-wisher suggestion not to be so open and honest nor much revealing. But I am what I am. Sometimes, I keep silent, sticking to my own and still observing the world and doing my own experiments. My mind has never stopped thinking, nor is nor will!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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