Bas ek Tum ho

My Original Composition. Hindii. As is. Preview/draft. First n only take as it all came to the mind on the go. No pre-preparation.
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Badaa Din, Badaa Jashn karnaa hai

Naa koii kahne waalaa hai,
Naa koii sunne waalaa hai,
Aaj din hai badaa,
Badaa Jashn karnaa hai.

Laa laa laa
Ho Ho hooo…

Koii gun gunaataa hai,
to koii muskuraataa hai,
Yahaan masti mein
Har koii Jhuum rahaa hai…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati
(for any occasion one would like to make big)
My YouTube video of the composition: