ICC Cricket: Play Fair Spirit. WorldCup and India

What a win for India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup cricket! 
Summary: Spirit/Fair/Luck/Rules?:
started with India’s game to Pakistan’s! Ultimately despite missed field chances…

And the bad “SpiderCam” : ICC needs to remove such object and whatever things to prevent interruption/disruption/intervention/controversy/hampering of the game and crucial moments) that had denied India the catch (an that allowed continued rub of the green for Shan Masood n Pakistan n runs) , ultimately that ricochetting off the stumps free hit (noball close ) almost balanced it out , in fact crucially more a sit helped closing the gap of the chase in tense…

1. Importance of a contributing all-rounder: Hardik Pandya
in INDvsPAK ~ consistent performer with both ball n bat (n field), n impact player giving momentum in bowling n batting whenever India was down or not anywhere. as 
2. Virat kohli (consistent bat. >90%. despite dearth of centuries or high scoring ones for the past long time by the standards).
Hopefully this winning innings gives also other confidence, as in matches it’s seen the other bat gets run out because of confusing or not/ eagerness of quick run/sprint gesture of Virat! Hardik was aware.
3. Irrespective of Virat Kohli’s paid absurd influence outside cricket: (hopefully he gets to Good Gyaan!)

It was good to see for a change to the scene on the ground: Virat on knees on the ground after India winning , and positive punch /hit on the ground: (Virat’s way);
contrary to usual scenes of Mohd Rizwan and Pakistan’s players whenever performing, kissing the ground and thanking religious to Allah.

Players should do like artists and others do Pranaam(touch) the set/ground before start!
4. the missers became the smart winners: 

a)Virat Kohli more than made up for that early missed simple run out chance with a winning score (though 50% slow strike rate after as usual vs Pak same openers getting out. Rahu Gra/a/ss.).

b)Ashwin Ravichandran more than made up for that missed catch with as usual smart move in the end 🤠👏🎉 
4. Pace bowlers did so well in taking wkts. especially ArshDeep Singh taking out early wickets as usual now (even in releatively newbie and less appearances). Md Shami would have been more lethal as confidence n momentum if Ashwin hadn’t misjudged / late n grassing the catch.
5. playing Dinesh Karthik for only last burst has its bad / side effects obviously as today.
6. no ball was right (though close one to predict nake eye projection) after previous height escape for the bowler (Mohd Namaz). And yes it was a tractics / strategy but looked odd:
When slow left arm bowler has to bowl as and wk for: a medium pacer!
7. hey Rizwan also took in front (side) of the stumps, that’s runout as it had hit batter’s leg n bat. (it’s wrongly given as stumping.) Otherwise wud hv been dead ball had it missed any body/bat of batter upfront. 

8. And last but not the least, but first up:
So experiment said to try out different openers. Same opening pair, and same disaster results! Rahu-graas hai! KL Rahul n Rohit Sharma! KL Rahul where’re those fingers shutting the ears exaggeration?

I had actually still hoped and kind of requested / pray that KL plays good and becomes the scorer, and Rohit with a quick fire!

Yes, I did so despite my instinct n prediction saying that both openers form both sides will get out cheaply.

But just gave a chance to Babar Azam would get some runs to avoid repeat failure vs India off late. Instincts were almost correct, Iftikhar would be going high in runs, and Shan as left hander may do bit enough. Shaheen Shah Afridi not performing/effecting in this match was not a surprise, I was absolutely sure of that especially rub off the green, and he coming back from injury n despite rehabilitation and preparedness, it wouldn’t be best. To me, Haris Rauf was sure shot expectation to do well (because of his natural flow, and BBL experiences) and hopefully India come over him when most and must needed. So it was so. Namaz performed well for his stats/wickets as I was sure of, and as hoped India would come over him in both parts.

Bounce was the factor. Melbourne! It’s true that Pacers would have definitely a go and roll, and opponents being feared/kinda of India’s pacers/medium especially with swing, hitting deck and seam correctly.

So in India vs Pakistan cricket matches, it’s India repeatedly getting nervous/lost in the mind / field of late!

Pakistan for a change grabbing the chances, and India on the other hand going the Pakistan (in past WorldCups) way but (sans opening bats), so both switching their past WC performances!
IN the long past, openers form both countries at least put up a decent start and also massive blast starts. Not now a days. For India, it’s 1-2 overs silent, and gone!

India’s such win was good for all, not just for India, Cricket and the World Cup as well.

Ad India especially Rohit n Think Tank n other Rahul, Dravid Sir! if despite this narrow escape and giving away the win almost (at the great start), you don’t do well, and especially after such hyped and overdone unnecessary blindlike experiments, then what to say. When it can happen, if you let it go, please be reminded that there will be slump time for the India cricket a sit does for any country/entity, then don’t cry or repent! Make most of it and wins and cups and world cups as much. Go for it.

And I had got a sense/smell/instinct/intuition whatever you say, this T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia will be a (Pleasant) surprise. And good for Cricket.

Good Ball and Bat and field. NewZealand coming off finally vs Australia especially in Australia and in World cup or big tournament , so convincingly, on the main matches’ start day of the tournament: in the match of Champions vs Winners of the previous edition.

And hey, despite so widely publicised sure shot rains interrupting India vs Pakistan today’s match, I knew it wouldn’t. I never gave even small % despite weather forecast saying more than 70% chances for rain and thereby new conclusion by experts of a wash out!

~ © Prabeen Kumar Pati