‘The movement called “India Against Corruption” and Anna Hazare, and My Honest Truth’…

‘The movement called “India Against Corruption” and Anna Hazare, and My Honest Truth’…

“Hazaron khwahishen aisi
ke dil machle
Hazaron laakhon Awaaz aisi
kii chaaron dishaon mein guunj uthe
‘Main hoon Anna Hazare’.”

Personally, I don’t look up to or follow the personas, I take stock of the process, judge the very thought process, the intent, thoughts, values, principles, yardstick, what is right and good towards the truth; and then take up or apply them (if I am convinced or think those as good ones) towards the truth as per my own intuition, gut feeling or so; learn from their mistakes so that I don’t commit those, but all this comes through experimentation; as I can’t trust a person cent per cent as I don’t know about the particular person in person or enough! How can one (entirely) know the other’s real character, which is again relative though!? That would be only perception and some trust or faith!

Recently, when I was travelling, not surprisingly the Fight Against Corruption topic came out and the phenomenon called Anna Hazare.
Is it all political? I said a big NO. If it was political, then definitely violence would have taken place, one would see or hear about broken car glasses, burning of vehicles, tyres, attack on the buildings, some stirred stampede, some killings or attempts kind of etc etc.
The gathering and human chains never led to any violence. Even the political parties specially the Congress nor the BJP couldn’t dare to instigate any violence such was the presence of the very active people who had been gathering in the Rise whole heartedly spontaneously. Yes, not all the people involved may not be quite in it, but that’s a small percentage of it all! Do all the people or students taking part in some union strikes, agitations etc know what they are there really for? Few come for bit adventure, fun, excuse, visibility, media hype etc! Some come for their own specific problem or perception! Some come for publicity! But those ones and opportunists or so constitute not a significant portion! The call was a noble cause, irrespective of any alignment towards religion, region, caste, class; and so people across all ages and mainly the modern youth supported it and joined in, poured in unlike the political rallies where people are picked and packed up in loads of trucks in the name of some lure or offerings or just blindly!
After the Baba Ramdev (well, in a discussion more than a year ago, I had expressed that he would come with some political activity or the other, and was not expecting he would pull it off!) flip-flop show with the Govt’s tactics, it was important that this movement for the very prevailing national cause was in the direction positively.
This movement has reiterated non-violence in our blood and DNA, re-enforced the open unity and solidarity, and the very trend and culture in this part of the world!
And the front line group has done the right and smart things by reaching the people not just through the regular routes and media, but now very important social media and the power of not just pen, but also the web!
The people in the Govt and various authorities must know that their false mask of the typical Bhadro Lok won’t work against the people’s voice whatever political tactics and treachery they adopt. They can’t simply sit in the backseat and dictate terms even though they enjoy the fact that there is no alternative political party to be in the power at least currently! Their ego may not stand with themselves!
There have been a few detractors of Anna Hazare definitely and obviously!
Some who claim that they have closely worked with Anna and that Anna is a drama, doesn’t know what’s corruption, and has been used or misrepresenting himself; where is their common sense? What are they saying for? Why shouldn’t we think that as a publicity stunt itself!? And why they don’t come and do the serving to the cause their way if they are so honest? Whatever jealously or ego or whatsoever they may have, they can’t deny the truth that even in the past movements, the leaders started off but might not know what would be the exact steps, what should be the scope etc, until they marched on the path and explored, discovered and established! That’s what is a process of any movement, you can’t just plan out every thing out and out! Thats the very life! You may have milestones, goals, vision, and certain process, but it all matures along the way only! Also it’s a fact and truth that even those sitting in the so called authority, as they know themselves, they didn’t know politics when they started! And to top it all, a CM’s call to Anna Hazare to win elections on his own was just ridiculous and reflected the very sorry ignorance, sense and ego of the present politicians! I am sure that the PM would have learnt that fighting it all out against a left party for a nuclear bill with an outside country was much easier than fighting it out in our own system! Unfortunately, sir, you can’t be a silent spectator or proxy in this just cause when it actually demands your true identity and character, even it is the best situation to silence your critics if you take so! Where are the much hyped and expected and promised reforms?! And I understand your vote and call may not be all in this whole set up, as also vindicated in the recent rejection of the sports bill! Everybody has his/her opinion and when to express and for what, is the more important part, even though one may be tempted to say whatever in the name of freedom of speech!

Coming back to the motive:
Even in the worst case, just for the sake of it, if one assumes that it’s ( the movement and Anna-Team Anna) a drama, sponsored by some other entity and the front-line people involved are the same hungry for power or visibility as any body else; still, nobody can deny it that even that worst case is more acceptable than the present as-is reality we have. And they have a tentative road map and a draft bill in hand! Above all, the public has come into direct and informed participation than a passive one! Nothing has been unconstitutional here, dear all! The parliament with its power can bring in amendments, bills and other set ups to suit them more, not the people; but if they think so, they can go for the simple iPadder things and all; then this very anti-corruption step bill for the people and against the corrupt is bigger than those things by quite some levels! The constitution is not complete, it’s a base, and needs amendments from time to time towards perfection, and democracy is there for it, and it’s for the very democracy! The media covered it all for their own reasons, but as I repeat, this is the cause that makes sense, it doesn’t really matter, if some entities look to their bread and butter and profit, so much when lots of more important matters are at stake!

And to put the facts, in this country, a dasyu (dacoit) has become the greatest Balmiki Rishi; a Chanddaashoka has moulded into the Dharmaashoka; a Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhii has transformed into the greatest Mahatmaa Gandhii and many more! So keep trusting this great country, and miracles and great things will happen with the time!
The nature and time are here to balance it all, and some entities and personalities will keep coming up to enforce and reiterate the truth, and to keep up the faith in the world of the alive in some form or the other!

And yes, I have been supporting this movement as any Indian would and should do! Even for a particular week, as the movement appealed, at least to support it, not to do the regular work, take leaves etc; I have done it, as the time did it all, I was on official leave and was not doing any regular professional work even remotely through any computer or network in that period! And I have been contributing in my life through out as it has come! I have been and am very positive through out as ever!

And to add on, Corruption is devoid of any country, race, religion, skin, language, caste, region, locality, entity, class, level and on and on! The extent of the encroachment of this very disease or epidemic, to say so, can be controlled through thoughts, processes and stringent steps if only we follow in our daily lives! If we are strong ourselves, nothing outside can block or divert us!

For more on Corruption: http://wp.me/p1IREI-22

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

GOD and My Honest Truth

“GOD and My Honest Truth” (part mht.g.01)
GOD is omniscient and omnipresent. The almighty has been present with and in me through out. His divine experience is the bliss, the inner peace. And I am not hesitating now to share my moment of the life and all.

Last time a few years back when I had visited the Puri Shree Jagannaatha Temple for the darshan, I encountered with what has been so unmatchable, important and priceless in my life.
As I had the darshan of Lord Jagannaatha Swamy, I offered Pranaama. And as soon as I finished my prayer, I opened my eyes and saw so bright and black with Chandana (Sandalwood) painted on the arms approaching me. But it was so shiny black that I couldn’t focus on and evaded away by turning my head towards the side. I could feel He passing by me so close. But immediately, I realized and tried to follow but none such around me. I was with my brother. And the surrounding suggested nobody including my brother saw or experienced as I did! But I know it was not an illusion in any sense, nor any sort of craziness at all. It happened all so quickly. I know the one I experienced was not a bhaara-baalaa (the designated persons carrying maha-prasada) as they don’t pass ever in that route. And the site was not like that I would have lost Him! So I have been sure and true in this experience of my life and the best moment as eternity. But I wondered after that day on why I turned my eyes away. Yes, it was very shiny black and He was very close to me that naturally the reflexion happened. Even in my remote thought, was it because may be I would have somewhere remote in the mind subconsciously the black-white or goraa-kaalaa thing; but I know I don’t have this mindset at all. Any way, I said to GOD and myself, I would not return to darshan Him in Puri ever until I realise my inner peace.
I didn’t share the unforgettable divine moment and entire experience with any body else until last year with a close one to me who had predicted many years back through astrology exactly how many years I will live and what man I was/am/destined in the life (yes, those predictions remain true even now; I have got myself out even in the most dangerous incidents little hurt or none!)

And the promise kept up itself until this time. Even I didn’t have the promise in my mind consciously. After that last darshan, even sooner though I went home frequently relatively, some how or the other unknowingly, I didn’t make it to Puri nor did I make an attempt to have a darshan.
I wandered through my life as even strangest of incidents kept happening. Even I was not able to come home for some or the other reason. As I recalled all the events, moments, I ultimately realised what were the signals for, what were the missing links. And suddenly the unfixed started to happen positively. Even I started to and completed composing songs and poetry of my own after a long time. Even I suddenly got all tickets out of nowhere and this entire trip has happened so smoothly. I did the darshan most leisurely through out.

It is not all done or over as even more signals appeared and the journey continues and I will divulge the moments in subsequent chapter(s).
And yes, the divine experience is most honestly integrally true and I have not had any negative mindset of black-white, or illusion or sin. And the inner peace is so bliss and it continues in this world where we all live.

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati (this is not a fiction or any sort of that at all! It’s GOD, it’s Him and my honest truth.)