O My GirlFriend!

My Original Composition all round as always. Hindiii+English. Preview/Draft. As is.

Maein tujhko kabhii naa chaahungaa,
Maein tujhse kabhii naa miluungaa,
Sunn le, sunn le, sunn le, sunnn le
O Merii Girlfriend,
O My Girlfriend,
O My GalFriend!
I’ll never ever talk to u,
I’ll never ever talk to u…
Sunn le, sunn le, sunn le, sunn le
O Merii Girlfriend,
O My Girlfriend,
O My GalFriend!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

iOS and ICS more than just Apple-Google! Is it just some coincidence?

Man! Is it just coincidence or what!? Android 4- ICS. We had iOS4 for a good long time. Apple showered iOS5, though the phone name remains iPhone4S. Uhhhh…Google closing in on the features and versions of their OS with Apple’s iOS! Well, ICS (if not iCS) will be their base now!
iOS – ICS (pronunciation; and vowel ‘O’ replaced with the consonant ‘C’)
AppleGoogle (aka Android – well did they deliberately put an ‘A’; and -le postfix of course as in Apple; consonant ‘G’ against vowel ‘A’; ‘o’ – a vowel repeats twice against the twice-occurring consonant ‘p’!? Of course extra ‘g’. Also, both the companies started from something else and now famous for successful mobile phones and the implementation )

Funnier Crazy Variations: pronouncing iO hmmm Yo, WoW; or more to say Ohhhh! (expressing an Yo/Wow factor in their design and overall end product use experience)
(well, in the Southern Indian languages, hmmm Aiyyo, in Odia: Aai, Ohhh; in Marathi, Aai Ga; in the northern Indian languages: Aai O)

Pronouncing IC, hmmm… I See! (meaning I can see they are good, too)

Packaging further, iOS and ICS both have S (oops! even the non-soft and hardcore Microsoft has S,too – Windows and they have not relinquished the S factor from the mobile OS, too keeping it the same name Windows, if not windoWS nor iWS!) and with their S factor, they have all got YeS from the owners, (app) developers and most crucially the users – end users!
And look at the S factor in the name of the co-founders!
Apple: STEVE Jobs (SJ)
Google: SERGEY Brin (SB)
(let’s not go into Microsoft’s CEO STEVE Ballmer; Well, some S have to be meant for Success!)

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Pahle to Sikho!

Aakaash ko chhune se pahle
Dhartii pe khade honaa sikho;
Uunche Aakaash mein udne se pahle
Dhartii pe chalnaa to sikho;
Siitaaron ko chhune se pahle
Unkii Roshnii ko sametnaa sikho,
Khuud chamaknaa to sikho,
Saare jaahaan ko roshan karnaa sikho;
Kisii ko dukh de ne se pahle,
Thodii sii khuushii to baantnaa sikho;
Badaa hone yaa banne se pahle
Badappan to thodaa sikho;
Bhadaas nikaalne se pahle
Krodh ko paalnaa to sikho;
Chhinne se pahle
Paanaa to sikho;
Miitaane se pahle
Banaanaa to sikho;
Todne yaa bigaadne se pahle
Jodnaa to sikho;
Haq maangne se pahle
Haqdaar bannaa to sikho;
Shiksaa dene se pahle
Shiksit honaa to sikho;
Kisii pe nazar daalne se pahle
Sahii nazar rakhnaa to sikho;
Sahii saaviit karne se pahle
Sahii karnaa to sikho;
Insaaniyat jhaadne se pahle
Achchhaa insaan bannaa to sikho;
Achchhaa chahne se pahle
Achchhaaii karnaa to sikho;
Buuraaii o Shikaayat karne se pahle
Khuud ko kathghare pe rakhnaa sikho;
Nahfrat karne se pahle
Pyaar karnaa to sikho;
Ruuthne se pahle
Manaanaa to sikho;
Karwaane se pahle
Karnaa to sikho;
Paanii barvaad karne se pahle
Reigistaan kii pyaas buujhaanaa sikho;
Khaanaa phenkne se pahle
Bhuuk mitaanaa to sikho;
Patthar maarne se pahle
Kaanch ke ghar mein rahnaa sikho;
Zindagii ujaadne se pahle
Zindagii banaanaa o aavaad karnaa to sikho;
Chaadar phaadne se pahle
Chaddar odhnaa to sikho;
Sachchaaii se muhn modne se pahle
Sachch kaa saamnaa karnaa sikho;
Suurat jaesii bhii ho
Aaine mein dekhnaa sikho.

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Chitra Vbichitra Charitra… Jiivban Chalat Chitra

Chitra nahiin Vbichchitra hai,
Kaisaa ae Charitra hai?!
Boley aaj Shatru hain,
Kal tak jo Mitra the.
Chitra nahiin Vbichchitra hai,
Kaisaa ae Charitra hai?!
Din mein Suurya Prakaash hai,
Ujwal hote Divbas hai,
Lagtaa Niilaa Aakaash hai,
Saanj Raatra kaa Aavbhaas hai,
Lagey Kaalaa wohii Aakash hai!
Yah kaisaa Drishya hai,
Bhram huaa Avbashya hai,
Yah to ab ek Rahasya hai,
Suljhaanaa isko bhii Lakshya hai;
Bas ek Sankat hai,
Duniaa mein jo Chhal o Kapat hai,
Sab Maayaa hai,
Yaa Usiikii hii Chhaayaa hai;
Kyaa Mithyaa hai,
Kyaa Satya hai;
Prashnon mein miley Uttar hain!
Ujwal teraa Bhavbisya hai,
Phirr bhii yah to Rahasya hai,
Lakshya to milnaa Avbashya hai,
Jiivban Chalat Chitra hai!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

O Merii Pyaarii Raanii!

O Raanii, Merii Raanii!
O Raanii, Pyaarii Raanii!
O Nathkhat Raanii,
Tu badii Siyaanii!
Tu toh hai bholi bhaali,
Tu hai maasuum kitnii,
Tu hai Jaan humarii nanhii!
Terii hasi’se
Ghar yah saje,
Tu jo gumshum,
Phul o kaliyaan muurchhayen,
Chaaron taraf bas
Maayusii hai chhaye.
Tu hai humaare
Jiivan kii Roshnii,
Tu toh hai
Humarii Zindagaanii.
Maein jaanuunaa
Koi hai kyaa Parii,
Par tumse Suundar
Puure jaahaan mein nahin.
O Merii Chhoti Raanii!
Raaj karegii,
Tu kartii rahegii,
Banegii tu toh
Aagey MahaaRaanii!
Tu jaahaan hai
Hogii khushiyaalii,
Tu jaahaan pe
Bas hariyaalii hariyaalii.
O Merii Pyaarii Chhoti Raanii!
Jo tu chaahe,
Woh sab miley;
Tu jo chaahe,
Terii duniaa saari!
O Merii Pyaarii Raanii!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Aajaa…O Mere Munne Raajaa!

Aajaa! O Mere Raajaa!
Aajaa! O Mere Munne Raajaa!
Paas Mere Aajaa!
Tere binaa meraa
toh wajuud nahin,
Tu jo nahin toh meraa
kuchh bhii nahin.
Tu jo nahin toh
Maein bhii nahin.
Nanhe Munne Raajaa mere,
Nathkhath Pyaare Raajaa mere,
Tu toh Sarr kaa Taaj hai mere,
Tu toh hai sab kuchh mere…
Tu jo nahin toh meraa
kuchh bhii nahin.
Tu jo nahin toh
Maein bhii nahin.
Aajaa! O Mere Raajaa!
Aajaa! O Mere Munne Raajaa!
Paas Mere Aajaa!
Khil khillaataa teraa bachpan,
Mere khuushiyon kaa darpan,
Tere liye maein toh karduun
Sab kuchh arpan!
Aajaa! O Mere Raajaa!
Aajaa! O Mere Munne Raajaa!
Paas Mere Aajaa!
Tu jo nahin toh meraa
kuchh bhii nahin.
Tu jo nahin toh
Maein bhii nahin.

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

AvP CLT20 2011!

Vira’RA RA Re O, GAYLE le la la le O! Bluru ru RA la LEO!
M Virat Gayle Leo Chinnaswamy S Bengaluru!
Chinnaswamy to Chidambaram, Chepauk!
It has all C, C for Chris, C for Challengers!
C for Champions!
Ravi Shastri: Virat Gayle Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Wanakkam C…Chennai (this time as the final site, final destination); Whistle Podu! Mind’it!

V it has all got printed, V for Virat, V for We, We for TEAM, led by V, V for Vettori, V for Victory!

(Deepika style) Oops, V for Vijay, too!
(somewhere in the stands the not so young Prince of the RK group of Families: Terii toh Taaen Taaen PFisshh!
Camera rolls towards Siddhu aka Siddharth Mallya)
(Katrina style as a cheer leader) M For Maal..sorry sorry sorry…Mallya?!
Vijay Mallya:The name is Mallya, Vijay Mallya! Vijay Sodawala Maalwala Mallya (in Agneepath style)!

V’Ra RA RA Re O, V’Ra RA RA Re O! (E O!)

Vijay Mallya: (to Prabeen) Awesome…(trying to know the name)…
Prabeen (that’s me!): The name is Prabeen…Prabeen Kumar Pati.
Rahul Dravid: there’s a nice ring tone to it!
Vijay Mallya: (to RD) Good Job, Jammy!
Rahul Dravid: (In kind of Shahrukh‘s style) mmmmm…. Rahul, naam toh suunaa hogaa!
Vijay Mallya (n someBODY in the Audience): RA.One!
(Divided by Groups, grouped into Teams, United by King of Mood Times)

Stage Set! (Smile please – Katrina style show) Picture Perfect! Not the movie promo! Match it! Mind it!

Match Glamour commentary n narration by Varsha Chowgle the Glamour ChulBulii:…
RA Re R Royal!
U Rock, Royal vBirat Chrislores!

Opponent: (towards Chris Gayle) Aailaa (in Sachin‘s Style)! (Symonds to Bhajji for Chris Gayle) Commando! … (Bhajji: MmmmMaa’ki…)

RAJINIKANTH: Adaa Paavii! Predator’da! La’ka la ka la ka…

UMPIRE: (to opponents) You, Amateurs (aka Aliens)! Are you Ready?
Predators, are you Ready?
Chennai, are you Ready?
Sight Screen, are you Ready? (implicit Yeses)

Amateurs Vs Predator(s)! AvP CLT20 2011!

Lights, Camera, Action!
Let’s Party! Mmmm… Let’s Play!

(Disclaimer: Full narration, why precast? Copyright Protected!
Watch it, Catch it, Match it! Live or Live Telecast! 8’o clock!
Haa ha haaaaaa….)

Shahrukh: G for G3! On top comes G.One!
Harsha: Going Going Gone!
Bishop: H for History!

(disclaimer: all characters and presentation may not be all fictitious!
Any resemblance may not be just coincidental, but for good fun and celebration! No offence!
C for Creativity…The name is Prabeen…Prabeen Kumar Pati)

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati