The Real Truths of Life – 1. Nature of Living Beings

  1. Be Honest, yet Smart.
  2. Be Good, be kind, yet exercise the same with wisdom; free flow of goodness and kindness should create and transform the same; but it’s not so in reality. Both will be seen as weaknesses and vulnerability to be exploited.
  3. Humility and kindness and forgiveness leads to more misery, in fact.
  4. Be humble to the extent not being arrogant only. (Choosing humility over arrogance carefully.)
  5. Humility and simplicity are virtues, but seen as weaknesses and folly by most in reality.
  6. Don’t let negative/bad/virus/evil people (with such intent and nature) in your life – they will try to stick to you with their cunningnenss, but once you know, just throw them off out of your life. If you still give them a chance, they will destroy your firewall and your life and peace. And how you know it? It’s Nature. Nature of people remains the same unless really miracle or inner silent dormant conscience or shock transform those people. Once your wisdom and intuition convey that the nature of the people (in question) are of bad and destructive / evil; stay out of it. Sometimes honestly staying out of it can do harm to you, as they may sabotage you or trick you; so be smart and keep away.
  7. Last but not the least, this is not the end of the list of real truths and Nature of Living Beings.

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Something U I Know (between US)

My Original all-round composition. As-Is. On the Fly. As kept coming along in the mind/heart… Preview / Draft / Beta version.


Something You know About Me…
Something I know About You…
Up in the hill,
Up (on) the road;
I think…
give a Thought about You All Along …

The Breeze, the Wind,
And (it’s) so smooth;
Calm, and Peace;
And the Lush Green…

Something I know about You,
Something I know about This.
Something I know between Us.
(Something We know between Us…)


The SOCCER PUNCH! (#FIFA2014WorldCup #SpainVsNetherlands)

‪#‎FIFA2014‬ ‪#‎FIFAWorldCup2014‬ ‪#‎SpainVsNetherlands‬ ‪#‎NetherlandsSpain‬ ::::
The ‪#‎Netherlands‬ were looking for ‪#‎REVENGE‬. No more sweet ‪#‎ORANGEs‬ (but a dash of the orange peels).
‪#‎Spain‬ were looking to calm down the #Netherlands, so came in (largely) ‪#‎WHITEs‬ (though not ‪#‎Green‬), for ‪#‎PEACE‬.
But the Netherlands got enraged when it was Penalty (penalty kick .. so pity when a team gets penalty, it gets to give the other team a kick {with the ball}!!!)! And why #Spain willfully scored the goal, if it was all for peace!
Spain said, they r not gods, n r not ‘from ‪#‎Greece‬’!
The Dutch didn’t like the tease, and looked to paste on Spain some grease!
as was pissed ‪#‎Arjen‬ (read ‘from Hadria’, not from #Greece); and ‪#‎RvP‬!
#RvP did a header (gunning with the head, but for #Spain’s head, and ‪#‎Casillas‬, read the ‪#‎Box‬!) as equalizer.
n looked up to A ‪#‎Robben‬ (read ‪#‎crawl‬) signalling to #Casillas (read Box) (for alternate overarm movements and rapid kicks of the legs).
And the 4th Goal showed the way and the day for the ‪#‎ESP‬; as #Casillas (yellow, yello…) literally crawled looking/asking for MERCY, but why it be, ESPecially not van PERSIE (read not from ‘‪#‎Robin‬ van ‪#‎PERSIE‬’). (#Casillas learned as goalkie, it’s better and safe to use hands than the legs!)
And if it was not enough, Holland ended with / ensured a FIVEr (‪#‎sucker‬ #PUNCH, read #SoccerPUNCH)! #Spain15Netherlands

The “i” and Steve Jobs

On the auspicious occasion of VijayaDashamii, the soul celebrates the freedom and the eternity as it departed from the cancered body! Cancer was just a reminder to us that the body is a body, a temporary form and shape! The soul will gain another form and shape in the name of someBODY and again be in Sync !
The soul was at peace as it could contribute finally to India , where the body and mind got actually reunited in Sync with the Soul through Spiritual Enlightenment! The uniting and Syncing of Inner and Outer! The latest strategy shift of Apple in form of products, services, marketing towards India shows that – iStrategy!
iP* – I Product! Iconic Product(s)! Inherently Productive, Infectiously Positive, Inherently Portable, Inherently Present, Inherently Prevalent!
iPod (a medium of sound and music, iMusic) was pricey yet not so pricey though! But what Apple was lacking at least in the area of mobile phone presence in India, it’s starting to fill the vacuum through its series of iPhone (not to be iPrice)! iPad is the tablet! iOS is just starting to fill the small yet most significant features for the users across! So ‘I’ for Implementation! Not just the spread of iTunes (iThink, IT)!
So the iSoul was at iEase and at iPeace! As it’s known Steve died peacefully!
iSteve not any more in the world of the alive! But Inner Spirit eternal! The identity of S, is evergreen!
The day for the Wall Street be remembered the iStreet!
Steve Jobs, you have never departed! Because you will be remembered not as the physical body and form we have seen, but as the great phenomenon, the great soul through its contribution chain of innovation and inspiration in the form of products better known as revolution!
A JOB Well Done! iSoul!
A toast to the iCreativity, iScience, iTechnology!

The APPLE was a BYTE earlier, now it’s starting to be a full APPLE! So FRESH again!

The time for iSport! Towards iPerfection!

The ‘I’ Eye of Eyes!
‘I’ – EYE! The Eye is a sphere! So it’s the world, the globe! It just doesn’t see things, it visualises them, it has a vision!
The “I” ‘Of’ “SPIRIT”, the “I” ‘Of’ “Soul”! (iOS)
The I Of S! The In and Out of S! (iOS)
The “I” “C”! Yes, I See! (iC*) The Independent Cloud! The “Icon” of the “Century”!
When expressed with respect to the SOUL, the “I” is just the AVATAR, the INCARNATION!
The “I” is so sweetly and positively Infectious!
Mathematically, ‘I’ to the power of Infinity!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati