Karma Dharma: Realm. Suspension. Reflection. Post Death. Before Birth (on the Earth)

Post Life and/or Pre-Life. Arth(Meaning/Implication/Saar/Summary) wrt Life and Karma on Earth. According to my views/ swa-gyaan and sangyaan, the truth is that the suspension is always there before getting born on the earth or after leaving the earth or such.

Before getting born or avatarana in any form as such, there is the experience and realisation of al the Karma and State accumulated so far all time /Adi. and what to experience and do and rectify in case befeor getting born. I call this suspension realm sense realization abhaasa. Not just another Maya/Jaal!?

Similarly, after life bids bye / good/or bad/ accident or as such death, there’s again a suspension realm. According to the immediate net collective cumulative Karma in this latest birth/life – the net Life Living, there’s suspension of good or bad heaven or hell for sometime, before final abode or absorption or unification based on the full net cumulative Karma.

I call this as one primary aspect of Karma.

If in the latest Birth/Life that realization of bad or good doesn’t happen or not accepted by self-senses, then cycle continues in some form on the same earth or other.

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~ © Prabeen Kumar Pati